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Olea europaea - Manzanillo

  • Manzanillo is one of Spain's finest varieties. It is also the  most widely planted variety in Australian groves and, due to its productivity  and high quality fruit, the most widespread variety in the world. The variety  has been well proven in groves and research stations in many Australian  states.

    The flesh-to-pit ratio is superb (8.2:1), its flesh is an  excellent texture and it is considered a 'free-stone' olive as the seed is very  easy to remove from the flesh. This attribute makes it highly sought after by the processors of pitted and stuffed olives. The fruit are a medium size, apple-shaped, light  green-coloured and spotted with tiny whitish dots. They mature to a black colour with a hint of purple.

    The tree has a low, spreading habit and while it is similar to many olives in that it can grow up to ten metres tall, most Manzanillo trees stay at around five metres for ease of management and harvesting.

    Manzanillo is a regular annual bearer with the fruit maturing early in the season.

    Manzanillo table fruit and oil are well accepted on both the Australian and International markets. It is considered by many to be the best dual purpose variety available.

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