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At our Denmark property on the South Coast of WA, we grow high quality advanced trees for supply to landscapers, developers, councils, nurseries and home gardeners who want established trees straight from the grower.

We stock a large range of ornamental and fruit tree species in 45L, 100L, 200L and 400L Gro Bags, ready for transport direct to your site.

Our plants are grown on the South Coast in South Coast conditions, so the transplant shock from our harsh southern climate is minimised, unlike trees and plants brought in from the northern climes.

The Tree Planting and Consultation Service offered by Great Southern Nurseries ensures fast establishment and ongoing tree care. We make sure that your new trees are planted with the best possible professional care. 

We also transplant well established trees of all sizes from one site to another, with an unsurpassed success rate.

Our experienced team of horticulturalists will assist and advise you of the best species for your requirements, ensuring you make the right selection of trees to suit the position of your property and your budget. 

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